A short film under "The Big Foot" Production.
    Its a story of teenage boys and teenage girls. How they attract to each other, how they react with each other, what they want with each other.
    In mainstream theme it shows how a teen girl becomes My Love - "Heaven" to Get Lost - "Hell".

    Movie Duration: 0Hr 15min 16Sec

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    Rishi a guy loves a gal but his parents don't like her as she is from different religion and caste. On the day of Rishi's birthday She met with an accident and dies, before dying she been promised the guy to give him his birthday gift but due to his sudden death she was unable to fullfil it so, there after in guy's dream she give some clues related to his future as his birthday gift. This is what about in the movie - "The Bithday Gift".
    Lead role is being played by Rishi Srivastava and various other character. Movie was directed by Mr. Varun Kumar and proficiently edited by Mr. Kishan Kumar.

    Movie Duration: 1Hr 3min 8Sec

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